One of the defining characteristics in border terriers is their small size and how their coats appear rough. In the history of breeding, border terriers were meant to help in keeping up with horses and chase foxes from farms. Even though they are small in size, they are very agile and can run several miles without getting tired.

Keeping Border Terriers

It is rare for border terriers to get aggressive. They can be stubborn, but it is nothing which cannot be tamed. If you have children or pets, you do not need to worry about whether your terrier will cope with them. The animals are known to be gentle and easy to be around. There was a time when terriers preferred life outdoors, but recent breeds have been improved, and they can now stay in small spaces.


Terriers are easy to train, and they take instructions relatively well. People who are looking for dogs which can do agility training never go wrong with border terriers. They also grasp tricks easily, including complex instructions. Their size makes them flexible and fast so they can do long laps without getting tired. They do better when they are trained when they are young. If you are not sure of how to go about training animals, you can always hire a professional to guide you on how best to go about it.


This breed of dogs is intelligent and enjoys running around chasing foxes and other small animals. Their playful temperament and loyalty make them good therapy dogs for both children and the elderly. There have been instances when they have successfully been used to help blind and deaf people move around. They have a strong sense of smell and can be a source of security by sniffing out the enemy. They enjoy walks and play, so they make great companions for leisurely strolls.