As a Border Terrier owner, you may have a real interest in this breed of dog. Many that do, like to join a Border Terrier club. There may not always be one available in their area. Nothing is stopping them from forming their own club. It can be fun and rewarding in many ways.

The Purpose of the Club

Dog clubs can be formed for different reasons. Some will want to do this because they want to focus on competitions. Others will do it for educational purposes, and for supporting a breed such as Border Terriers. Before starting a club, the goal has to be determined.

A big decision will be whether the club is going to be a non-profit organisation or a business. Even as a non-profit club, members will have to be charged a small membership to help cover the costs of it.


The Border Terrier club you are starting is going to need some members. This means some promoting has to be done. There are lots of resources to use for this, with the internet being one of the important ones. You can begin by developing a website for the club. Then, making the club known on all the major social media platforms. You will soon find that word of mouth helps to build your club membership.

Staying Organised

Club members are going to expect it to be organised. As the club owner, it will be your responsibility to set the rules of it. Regular meetings will have to be scheduled. To keep members interested, it will be essential to have lots to offer them. Some clubs will organise competitions. Other clubs become an extensive resource for providing education to Border Terrier owners, who want to learn more about the breed. Or for those having any problems, such as training, for example.