Every breed of dog undoubtedly has its own characteristics. This is one of the factors which make dog ownership so much fun. Border Terriers have a personality all of their own. Owners of these breeds often like to learn more about them and socialise with others who have the same kind of dog. This is where Border Terrier clubs can become most useful.

A Learning Resource

One of the important roles which Border Terrier clubs have is to educate their members. These clubs are usually a wealth of information. They can help their club members learn more about this breed. They can offer suggestions if there are any issues that the dog owner is having. The club will usually keep up with the latest news about Border Terriers and pass this along to their members.


Quite often, some of the Border Terrier clubs will have professionals who are available to members, such as dog trainers, vets or breeders.


Another important function of the Border Terrier clubs is that they are a place where like-minded individuals and owners of Border Terriers can come together to support each other, and share stories about their dogs.


It is not uncommon for Border Terrier clubs to organise competitions and dog shows. This is a great activity for both the dogs and their owners. Most owners are proud of their dogs and want to show them off whenever possible.

When a group forms like this, they can also have an impact on the general public. A Border Terrier club has an excellent opportunity to protect and support the breed. If they gain knowledge that something negative is taking place concerning the breed, they can speak out about it. A group with a voice has a much more significant impact compared to individuals.