Dogs have been known as “man’s best friend” for years due to their loyalty. Added to that, they are also intelligent, protective and fun to have around. Top reasons why dogs make the best pets are as follows.

They Help in Relieving Stress

Having your dog wag their tail when they see you shows that someone cares; even if that someone is a dog. They are also playful and will lighten your mood if you are having a terrible day. Sometimes, all you need is someone who will happily lick your face and show you that they are happy to be around you.

They Make You Active

Walking your dog is not just good for your animal. It also gives you a regular dose of exercise. Other activities such as playing catch, and helping your dog with their toy, are also good exercise. It is a fun way to lose weight and stay active.

They Are Relatively Low Maintenance

You do not have to be extremely rich to own and maintain a dog. With some little money to ensure they are in top health and you can buy some food, is enough to keep them happy. You can always substitute their food with leftovers if you cannot afford to buy food every day.

Can Be Trained

You can make your dog comply to some of your rules such as when to go to their crate, using the potty and when to sit still. This makes it easy to keep dogs as pets, even if you do not live in a large house.

Are Loyal Companions

People may abandon you and focus on your negative aspects, but your dog will rarely leave your side. That is why you can find homeless people with their dogs because no matter how much the tides change, dogs remain loyal.