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The Nothern Border Terrier Club would like to give thanks to Royal Canin, Monty's Choice and Blendbetter Foods for sponsoring this year's club shows.

Northern Border Terrier Club 2015 Show Results

2015 October Open Show Results

2015 July Championship Show Results & Photos
July Championship Show Critique.

2015 Northumberland County Show Results & Critique

2015 April Open Show Results & Photos.
April Open Show Critique.

2014 October Open Show Results & Photos
October Open Show Critique.
Northern Border Terrier Club Shows

Open Show & AGM
Saturday 18th April 2015
Belmont, Durham
Judge: John Todd (Roxess)

Championship Show
Saturday 18th July 2015
Judge: Hilary Gilpin (Otterbobs)

Open Show
Sunday 4th October 2015
Judge: Jem Thomas (Daluce)
Joint Border Terrier Clubs' Shows

Championship Show
Sunday 3th May 2015
Julie Price (Oxcroft)
The Border Terrier Club Shows

Open Show
Saturday 21st February 2015
Judge: Ken Fraser (Ycart)

Championship Show & AGM
Saturday 28th March 2015
Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg (Bombax)

Open Show
Saturday 17th October 2015
Judge: Joyce Martin (Merumhor)
Low Hesket, Carlisle
Southern Border Terrier Club Shows

Limited Show & AGM
Sunday 1st March 2015
Judge: Bob Wright (Totherend)
Swindon, Wilts

Championship Show
Saturday 6th June 2015
Judge: Stewart McPherson (Brumberhill)

Open Show
Sunday 20th September 2015
Judge :Felicity Freer (Felfree)
Steventon Village Hall
Scottish Border Terrier Club Shows

Limited Show & AGM
Sunday 25th January 2015
Judge: Debbie Lorraine (Raleniro)

Open Show
Sunday 7th June 2015
Judge: Ann Maltby (Pherjan)
Kirkpatrick, Flemming

Championship Show
Saturday 8th November 2015
Judge: Tracey James (Blackmine)
Yorks, Lancs And Chesh Border Terrier Club Shows

Open Show
Saturday 31st January 2015
Judge: Claire Tutin (Riseburn)
Thorpe Willoughby

Open Show
Saturday 21st March 2015
Judge: Karen Stockley (Foxfactor)
Thorpe Willoughby

Championship Show
Saturday 26th September 2015
Judge: Kathy Wilkinson (Otterkin)
Midland Border Terrier Club Shows

Open Show & AGM
Sunday 15th February 2015
Judge: Chris Wallace (Hobholt)

Championship Show
Sunday 2nd August 2015
Dogs: Jayne Gillam (Orenberg)
Bitches: Doreen Rushby (Dormic)
Referee: Margaret Bailey (Grindelvald)

Open Show
Sunday 15th November 2015
Judge: Dave Matthews (Tojamatt)
East Anglia Border Terrier Club Shows

Championship Show
Sunday 12th April 2015
Judge: Graham Pickering (Picer)
St Ives

Open Show
Sunday 22nd November 2015
Judge: Liz Wright (Totherend)
Red Lodge, Suffolk
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