Transporting a border terrier is not so different from other breeds of dogs. However, owing to their small size, they may need some specialised care to make moving less stressful. Some of the tips which make transporting a border terrier easier include the following.

Put Them in a Suitable Crate

Imagine the dreadful chaos which would ensue if your dog was allowed to roam in the car without being confined in the crate. Remember that border terriers like hunting, so if they spot an animal, they will get excited even when the vehicle is in motion. That is why you should always have them in crates so that they do not jump up and about and distract you when driving.

Take Regular Breaks

Think of travelling with a border terrier as being with a small child in your car. This means that you will undoubtedly need to take regular breaks and release the dog from the crate so that they can relax and stretch. You should also take the time to stretch your legs and take your dog for a walk before returning them to the crate and continuing with the journey.

Go to the Vet Before Travel

Visit the veterinarian and have your dog thoroughly checked before hitting the road. This is in fulfilment of the requirements set by law when travelling with pets. It also helps you know if your dog is fit enough to go on the journey, or whether you should leave them behind.

Carry a Toy

Border terriers are incredibly playful and active. Having them in a cage without any distraction will make them irritable. It is advisable for you to throw in a toy in their crate if there is enough space. This will engage them for a while as you drive. You should also play with them when you make stops as you travel.