Whether you are transporting your border terrier to another country or you are moving within your region, you should always be prepared on how to make the trip easier. Sometimes, to avoid all the hassle that comes with transporting a pet, people opt to use a pet transportation company. If you are considering using a transportation company, you should ask them the following questions before hiring them.

Have They Transported a Border Terrier Before?

Every dog breed is different when it comes to their needs and behaviour. The transport company should confirm if they have ever handled a border terrier and understand the unique needs they would recommend being put in place.

Are They Licensed to Transport Dogs?

You should insist on proof of accreditation and licensing before you put your dog under the care of a transport company. Using an unlicensed company can cost you your pet. You should also ask them if they are qualified to handle emergencies such as sudden illness.

How Many Animals Do They Take in One Trip?

This is an essential question since border terriers can get agitated when surrounded by other animals. The transport company should explain how they plan to get around that situation. It is always better to go to a company which does not crowd many animals together.

What Is the Condition of Their Cars?

Ask about the interior of the vehicle and whether the air in the car is good enough for your dog. Transport companies should have air conditioning so that your pet does not go through extreme temperatures.

Do They Make Stops and After How Long?

Border terriers get bored quickly. Transport companies should bear that in mind and ensure that they have regular breaks, when the dog can step out and experience a different environment, before being taken back into the car.